At Snugs we believe that every child born in to this world deserves equal opportunity. Thats why we team up with various charities across the UK that support children in need so that we can shine a light on the tremendous work they are doing...join us on our journey and help support the cause.
Proud to announce our July 2021 Giving Back Collaboration is with The Way Youth Centre


The Way Youth Centre is a youth-led, state of the art space for young people aged 8-19 (up to 25 with a disability) located centrally in the vibrant and diverse city of Wolverhampton. Read below from the youth centre themselves on how they are changing lives.


What impact have we made?

We have had 258,110 visits from young people over the last 5 years, where our young people have left our doors with raised aspirations, improved mental health and the confidence and social skills to
become active members of our community.


 Why do we need your support?

As we come out of lockdown, we are looking for support to keep our doors open. It costs £26.20 per young person per visit, and we ask for only 50p from each young person.

The impact of COVID-19 on young people has been substantial. We are preparing to support even more young people process and bounce back from the impact of the last year.

Support us to continue investing in our young people’s future, raising their aspirations and responding to their needs. To make a donation or learn more about who we are, please go to our website at:


10% of sales during launch week will be donated to The Way Youth Centre