Snugs Baby

Set of 3 Weaning Spoon Essentials

Color: Pink

Our new Set of 3 Weaning Spoon Essentials is an absolute essential when starting your little ones weaning journey and here's why:

πŸƒ Smiley Spoon: Due to the easy scooping design of the spoon, it is ideal for pasta and noodle dishes that otherwise your little ones will struggle with using a traditional spoon

πŸƒ Snowflake Spoon: Ideal for early weaning as your little ones can easily play around with the texture and 'mash and scoop' the solids easily

πŸƒ Scoop Spoon: Perfect throughout the weaning journey as they get used to grasping eating solids from all food groups with a traditional spoon

Our Weaning spoons are not only loved by your little ones but they are great for the Planet to 🌏

πŸƒ Plastic Free

πŸƒ Food Grade SiliconΒ 

πŸƒ FDA Approved

πŸƒ Microwave/Dishwasher/Freezer Safe

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