Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that are clean from toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to your Snugs but to the environment as well.


Welcome to Snugs!

We are here to help you begin your eco-friendly journey as parents, carers and guardians, educating and providing you with the tools needed to practice a plastic free lifestyle without breaking the bank.  With our signatures materials ranging from Viscose Bamboo and GOTS certified Organic Cotton to Food Grade Silicon on our weaning products, we have gone above and beyond to create products that are long lasting and sustainable, without using plastic. This is true from the beginning of our products lifecycle starting with the design phase where our products are created with a minimalist and modern approach. This ethos is embedded throughout our supply chain, from manufacturing and production, right to delivering the products to your door. 

Snugs was initiated, designed and created during the most bleakest time in our human history. Launching a brand during the midst of a pandemic is challenging, but if 2020 has taught us anything, its shown us how the health of our bodies and are our planet are central to human happiness. 

With that being said, at Snugs we have outlined our key ethos below. It is these values that the brand has been built upon and will continue to live by. 

🍃 Snugs is a inclusive community for all regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, faith, sexuality. 

🍃 Snugs works with certified standard suppliers for all products

🍃 Snugs ensures all organic cotton garments are produced following Fairtrade guidelines 

🍃 Snugs ensures all packaging is recyclable and waste is minimized

🍃 Snugs aims to become a B Corporation

🍃 Snugs will ensure that the health and safety of children is always put first

🍃 Snugs promises to continue to pave it forward and to work alongside charities and non profit organisation's to help vulnerable children 


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