Our essential feeding silicon kits include:

Silicon Suction Bowl with Lid: 

Flexible, compact and easy to clean bowls that comes with a lid making it perfect for feeding when at home or on the go. What makes our bowls extra special is that they are crafted with a suction base! That's right a bowl that stays put and does not end up..on the floor!

Silicon Suction Divided Feeding Plate: 

Make meal times fun times with our selection of silicon feeding plates. Our plates are designed to help your little ones understand the importance of food groups- from veggie snacks to rice and meat and some sweet treats!

Silicon Spoon:

Soft and chewy on their teeth, perfect for their teething gums! Our silicon spoons are parent approved and loved by the little ones. We have made it so easy for them to scoop up their yums yums in the most safest and playful way.

Silicon Bib:

Say Au Revoir to soggy bibs and stained clothes! Our waterproof silicone bib are not only designed to keep your little ones dry but also come with a pocket to catch any spillages. We have made our bibs super easy to clean and can be easily folded and tucked away.